From the lush green orchards of family-owned farms, Delta Frost’s delectable frozen fruits open up a bountiful harvest for distributors.


Delta Frost always delivers on its promise of on-time freshness. We take pride in the transparency of our full supply chain, plus fully-trackable deliveries that arrive in peak condition.


Delta Frost offers unrivaled quality, backed by unparalleled attention to the timely delivery of the freshest products for our clients. Each order is fully trackable from the farm to your doorstep.

About us

When your customers require the berry best.

Delta Frost understands the importance of supporting locally grown products. We realize that when you support the local community, it helps everyone involved. From the farmer producing the goods all the way to the consumer enjoying them… Delta Frost provides comfort food of the highest caliber. Our mission in doing so is to make a positive contribution to economies of Bosnia and Herzegovina through a cooperation of proud local farmers.

Fresher than fresh


Delta Frost is a trusted supplier of luscious raspberries fresh from the farm. These customer favorites arrive like all our frozen fruits, visually appealing and equally tasty.


No fruits are born frozen, but some were born to be frozen. Blackberries are one such delicacy celebrated for their unique sweetness and versatility.


Among our most popular products, the strawberry is utilized worldwide in salads, desserts and cocktails. Delta Frost provides the finest Woodland Strawberries, plump and flavorful.

Clean. Crisp. Cost Effective.

with love

Working with a strong cooperation of local farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Delta Frost brings the fresh frozen fruit products to distributors near and far.

Innovative technology

The standard fruit freezing process (about 12 hours) is considerably shorter by using the IQF technology - Individually Quick Frozen - and lasts about 5 to 10 minutes. This way we keep the nutritional quality and the superior taste of our frozen fruit.

High quality standards

Our high quality in products and standard of service sets Delta Frost apart. We work in complete accordance with the implementation of IFS and HACCP systems, surpassing industry standards in quality and health safety.

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+387 32 405 500
Sarajevska 263A , 72000 Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina